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Correcting Irregular Corneas for Better Vision

Astigmatism can be acquired by any person regardless of gender and age. This basically means that even a young child can suffer such visual disorder and may expect it to worsen until he grows older if it is not corrected early on. Some studies have proven that there are about twenty eight percent of 2,523 children in the United States who are suffering from this problem. On the other hand, about half of the 11,000 users of eyeglasses in the United Kingdom have astigmatism and either opt for refractive surgery or Acuvue oasys for astigmatism. These researches further indicate that astigmatism is now considered one of the most prevalent eye concerns in the world today.

How Does Astigmatism Happen

Before considering undergoing any of the refractive surgeries or buying one of those Acuvue Oasys for astigmatism, you need to make sure that you or your child is really suffering from the disorder. Ophthalmologists have a certain way of diagnosing the problem but the person can detect at once its existence given some signs and symptoms related to it. Understanding what the eye problem is all about will lead you to analyzing any condition you are suffering from.

Astigmatism is basically a problem that occurs when the cornea skews out the reflected light rays and fails to create a single point for focus. This happens because it is irregular in shape. The cornea should look like a baseball in normal condition. It should have one meridian more significantly curved as compared to the other meridian supposed to be perpendicular to it. If the cornea does not show the expected shape and the meridians are not curved accordingly, the patient is indeed suffering from astigmatism.

Ways of Addressing Astigmatism

Astigmatism correction can be done through use of eyeglasses,Acuvue Oasys , or undergoing refractive surgery. These three interventions are done to bring back the natural curves and positions of the meridians based on the eye rotary scale of 180 degrees. At present, many people are looking for effective ways of dealing with this eye problem. The use of contact lenses has been one of the most efficient and hassle-free ways of correction.

Acuvue oasys for astigmatism are specifically designed using state of the art technology through combining innovative lens design and the comfort of hydraclear plus technology. These two features are aimed at providing clear and stable vision even for those who have active lifestyles.


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